We have all been involved in fight(s). Whether it has been a war or a battle, begs the question. Some may have been involved in a battle of words, others in physical childhood battles, common with lads. In business, competitors try to outdo one another with resources, marketing strategies and employing business acumen to win and command a large market share.

The hedgehog principle is inspired by a stand-off between a fox and a hedgehog. The fox is talented in many ways; it can run faster than a hedgehog, it is bigger than a hedgehog and so on. It has many advantages that it can use to win a fight against a hedgehog. However, on the other hand, a hedgehog only knows one main thing that it uses to outsmart a fox when challenged to a duel- it turns into a ball-like shape, leaving its spikes sharp and protruding ready to defend itself.

Using this strategy, the fox which has many strategies than the hedgehog, senses defeat when the hedgehog employs its only weapon and strategy. Hedgehog’s strategy of recognizing its greatest strength (main thing) helps it defeat the fox that has many things and ways of winning the fight.

The big question is, “What is your main thing?”

The hedgehog principle

This principle is centred on three pillars: Passion, Talent and Monetization:


What captures your heart? What inspires you? In my first book, The X-Matrix that highlights the 7 P’s of success; Passion has been discussed in chapter six and summarized by the words of the late Dr. Geoffrey Griffin (Founder NYS and Starehe schools). He says, “When you are given a cup to wash, wash it like it has never been washed before.” Passion is a strong and barely controllable emotion. What excites you most in this life? Is it socio-entrepreneurship? Is it serving others? Is it singing? Is it marketing? Is it accounting? Is it politics? What is your greatest love? This is the pointer to your passion. You should focus on the one thing-the main thing that you love doing-your passion.


When you find what your passion is, then analyse your passion and evaluate your abilities. Are you good at it? Are you able to execute it better than other people who are in the same field? Can you acquire skills to improve and develop it to a skill that can provide answers to word’s bedevilling issues? I sit a natural gift? Can you build the capacity of your passion and stand out? This summarizes your talent.

Musicians who want to stand out, for instance, look for experienced producers for quality videos and harmonized vocals. They endeavour to improve the quality of their work in the next production. Some go a step further to seek collaboration with “A- list” stars to improve on their brand perceptions.

MIB (Money in bank).

Besides identifying your passion and developing it as a talent, ability to convert it to a source of income is the bottom line. Can it be monetized? Can it pay? Let us be real. You have bills to pay. So be it music that you are passionate about, it needs to pay your bills besides entertaining your fans. Long gone are the days when musicians used to be invited to entertain a congregation and after the church service they are appreciated with “handly” blessings, “mhubiri anauliza waumini waelekeze mikono yao kwa ndugu au dada, wakimbariki na kumtuma na salamu. Mungu wa Yeremaya!” How would the artist(s) pay their bills?

For talent to serve you well you need to be passionate about it, develop it and above all, it should pay you.Your main thing should focus on these three elements. It is my sincere hope that you will find your passion, grow it and make money out of it, moving forward.

Jamlick Kogi (Mc Kogi) is a trained and experienced marketer. He is also a corporate trainer & MC. He is the author of The X-Matrix; The 7 P’s of Success book. He is the CEO & Founder of Training, Coaching and Mentoring Africa (TCM Africa). His philosophy is “Empowering the nation, one person at a time.” Website: www.jamlickkogi.co.ke Email: info@jamlickkogi.co.ke Mobile: 0723768810